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Tele2 – Package deals for telephony and DSL without Telekom.

Tele2 DSL complete offers in top-quality for fair prices.

Founded in 1993 by Jan Stenbeck, today the Swedish company is Europe’s leading alternative telecommunication provider. In Germany, Tele2 is active since the conventional telephone network liberalization in March 1998. Here it became popular for the saving pre-code 01013. Within only a few years, Tele2 turned to the largest provider of pre-selection services of Germany. Part of the product portfolio mainly is Tele2 Komplett, which is well grounded in a telephone and DSL connection, a telephone flat-rate for the German conventional telephone network and a DSL flat-rate at a monthly flat-rate price. There is no Telekom connection necessary anymore. In addition to the complete package Tele2 also offers attractive DSL packages for all those who are connected to the German Telekom. All in all, today there are round about 2 million telephoning and internet-surfing Tele2-customers in Germany.

Rate Options Hardware
Surf 16.000 kbit/s WLAN-Router plus 1,95 €/mo. 19,95
Komplett 16.000 kbit/s WLAN-Router plus 1,95 €/mo. 24,95
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