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O2 – DSL fixed network, internet and mobile communications from one source.

O2 DSL package deals simple, clearly-arranged, individual.

O2 belongs to the Telefonica Europe and is part of the Spanish telecommunication concern Telefonica S.A. The company offers cellular mobile telephony products as well as innovative mobile data services based on GPRS and UMTS technology to Germanys’ private persons and merchandisers. Moreover, as an integrated communications’ provider, the company also allocates DSL conventional telephone network as well as high-speed internet. Being introduced to the market in the end on 2006 O2 now counts more than 250.000 customers. In doing so O2 focuses on a clear tariff structure and offers DSL conventional telephone network, internet and cellular mobile telephony from one source. Especially in connection to an O2 cellular mobile contract, O2 DSL packages are getting attractive. Thanks to the included FamilyFlatrate customers are able to talk from conventional telephone network pertinent to the cellular mobile telephone for free.

Rate Options Hardware
O2 DSL All-in XS 100.000 kbit/s WLAN-Router including 24,99
O2 DSL All-in S 25.000 kbit/s WLAN-Router including 29,99
O2 DSL All-in M 50.000 kbit/s WLAN-Router including 34,99
O2 DSL All-in L 100.000 kbit/s WLAN-Router including 39,99
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