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Overview of DSL providers

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1&1 offers competitive rates for broadband internet, telephone and mobile flat rate.

1&1 is the second largest DSL provider and markets DSL package deals. One of these is the communication package “HomeNet” which includes internet flat rate, telephone flat rate and entertainment.
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Congstar complete access for endless internet surfing and favorable telephoning.

Congstar DSL complete-connections are basing on the high network quality of Telekom, but compared to those they are offered at considerably more favourable prices.
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O2 DSL package deal easy, clearly-arranged, individual.

O2 focuses on clear tariff structure and offers DSL conventional telephone network, internet and cellular mobile telephony fulfillment. O2 DSL packages are especially attractive in connection with an O2 mobile telephony contract.
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Tele2 DSL complete offers in top-quality for fair prices.

The Swedish company Tele2 became generally known for the saving pre-code 01013 and today offers DSL packages for fair complete prices.
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Telekom Entertain packages including unlimited telephony, internet surfing and TV.

German Telekom is the leading telecommunication company in Germany. The Telekom offers DSL, telephony and TV at home.
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Vodafone offers package deals with excellent price-benefit ratio.

Vodafone, based in Dusseldorf, is one of Germanys’ largest network operators with round about 3 million customers. Vodafone offers attractive package deals with excellent price-benefit ratio.
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