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Congstar – Online-discounter for mobile communications , fixed network and DSL.

Congstar complete access for endless internet-surfing and favorable telephoning.

The telecommunication provider Congstar is the second brand of the Deutsche Telekom. Congstar is nationwide the only cellular mobile telephony and DSL discounter that offers broad band DSL accesses, complete accesses including telephone and internet access as well as cellular mobile solutions from one source. Since July 2007 Congstar successfully markets DSL- and telephony-products. Today, there are already round about one million customers. The DSL complete accesses base on the high network quality of the Telekom, but they are sold to comparably far more favorable prices. True to the motto: “You want it, you’ll get it.” All products are to be combined in any order.

Rate Options Hardware
komplett 1 16.000 kbit/s WLAN-Router plus 69,99 € 24,99
komplett 2 16.000 kbit/s WLAN-Router plus 69,99 € 29,99
komplett 2 VDSL 50.000 kbit/s WLAN-Router plus 69,99 € 34,99
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