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Pÿur – Cable network provider precedent in Eastern Germany.

Pÿur offers telephone, TV and fast internet.

Pÿur counts to Germany’s largest cable network providers. Since 1985 is works successfully as multimedia and telecommunication provider. Round about 2,5 million connected households are powered by Pÿur with TV signal as well as more and more customers are provided with digital program packages, internet access and telephone connection via a powerful bandwidth cable. As a national provider with regional focus and partner of the housing industry, the group has presence in the whole core area of Berlin, Brandenburg, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt und Thuringia as well as in numerous West German core areas. The powerful Triple-Play package offers High-speed-internet, telephone flat-rate and digital TV.

Rate Options Hardware
Pure Speed 200 200.000 kbit/s WLAN-Router including 30,00
Surf & Phone 60 + TV 60.000 kbit/s WLAN-Router & HD-Receiver including 35,00
Pure Speed 400 400.000 kbit/s WLAN-Router including 40,00
Surf & Phone 120 + TV 120.000 kbit/s WLAN-Router & HD-Receiver including 45,00
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