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Provider i.S.d. TDG/MDStV
Torsten Grundmann
Große Weinmeisterstr. 57
14469 Potsdam
Person in charge i.S.d. § 6 Abs. 2 MDStV
Torsten Grundmann
Große Weinmeisterstr. 57
14469 Potsdam
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Sales tax number: DE259047310


All sites being published by HighNetwork may be connected to other websites that are operated by a third party. Those links can be inserted afterwards or will only be presented as reference objects. HighNetwork does not control websites of third parties. The business concern does not adopt the content of third parties’ websites as its own and does not approve illegal content. HighNetwork is not responsible for their contents. HighNetwork collects, compares and edits information from different providers. As information may possibly change at short notice, differences between this site and the providers sites could occur. Anyway, HighNetwork aims to update these information preferably prompt. Though we carefully check all information, HighNetwork does not guarantee at all for the actuality, correctness and completeness of the given information. Liability claims against HighNetwork based on wrong or incomplete information are strictly excluded.

Data protection

For the utilization of our services you may eventually be asked to give personal information. The answering to the questions is voluntary. Your personal data will be saved and processed according to the German data protection regulation. Person-based data that has been given in line with the websites of HighNetwork will be used for the winding-up of the contract and the answering of your questions. The reduction und utilization of your data for the use of consulting service, advertisement and marketing research as well as the circulation of your data to a third party would only be carried out with your explicit allowance.

Copyright and Label authorization

All labels and trademarks named within the internet offer or possibly saved by a third party, are absolutely liable to the restrictions of the respectively warranty label authorization and the rights of ownership of each registered owner. HighNetwork alone holds the copyright for published and self-made objects by HighNetwork. A reproduction or utilization of those graphics, audio documents, video sequences and texts in other electronic or printed publication is only allowed with explicit written affirmation of HighNetwork.

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