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Rate options

Numerous flat rates, options and tariff combinations selectable.

Next to mere internet connection and access all internet providers offer many further options and tariff combinations. Those are partly to be ordered in so-called complete packages or optionally. In the following we comment on most important tariff options.

DSL flat rate

A DSL flat-rate enables unlimited internet surfing without time- or volume-account. The biggest advantage of this committed access rate for a monthly all-inclusive price is the cost certainty. Most tariffs have already got a DSL flat-rate inclusive.

Telephone flat rate

A telephone flat-rate for a fixed monthly price provides endless telephoning without limit and cost of calls. It mostly holds good for talks to the German conventional telephone network and the provider’s intern network. For Voice over IP one needs DSL hardware with telephony function that transforms speech into data and transmits these via internet. Most internet providers have this option inclusive or as optional tariff.

Mobile phone flat rate

In addition to a telephone flat-rate for home internet providers also offer mobile phone flat-rates for mobile usage. With an all-inclusive price one can telephone unlimited from mobile phone to the German conventional telephone network and partly also to mobile phone customers of the same provider. There is either a tariff option as inclusive service in package deals or as optional tariff.


Those who have a fast internet from 16.000 kbit/s or more, can also use entertainment applications such as internet radio, IP-TV or online video shop. Video on Demand offers thousands of videos that can be called from an online video shop. Films can be watched directly on the own TV via a set-top-box.

Security package

As a further option many internet providers also offer security packages against viruses, spyware, worms, trojans, rootkits, fishing in connection with an order. However, customers have to be careful that those security packages are often cost-free for some month, but afterwards incurred further monthly costs.

Mobile internet

An option for internet surfing during transport is being also offered by many providers. German-wide this is possible with a mobile internet stick. There are volume- and flat-rate-tariffs for mobile internet usage.

Online hard disc

Those who want to have their data online available always and everywhere, can make use of a so-called online hard disc storage. Just access easily and fast via internet access from home, office, holiday or mobile on the online hard disc for pictures, videos, PDFs and other files. The storage offer range according to tariff from 20 GB up to 5.000 GB.


Some providers also offer the option of web-hosting packages which include everything for the first internet presence inclusive an own domain of your choice. With only a few clicks via the user-friendly modular system one can built up an own homepage and post e.g. private pictures. Also here, costs differ according to the package size.

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