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Internet access

Highspeed internet access via DSL, cable or mobile communications.

Already 60 per cent of the German households are surfing via a fast internet access. Here, the DSL technology is the prior connection technology in Germany although alternative kinds of access like TV cable or mobile internet are getting more and more popular. Especially the increasing attractiveness of TV cable access are caused by the speedy network modernization. In more rural areas DSL technology is not yet totally available. With the help of the bandwidth strategy of the federal government three quarters of all households shall be connected to fast internet access by the year 2014.

DSL access

In Germany, we mainly have fast internet via DSL connection. Numerous providers offer complete packages with internet, telephony and many additional services.
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Cable access

The internet access via TV cable turned well into a real DSL alternative through the good cost-benefit perspective of fast internet and favorable telephone tariffs.
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Mobile internet

Thanks to many web compatible terminals, mobile internet is getting more and more popular. We show you the possibilities how to use the internet mobile per mobile phone or surf stick.
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