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The suitable hardware for the right access.

Those who are planning to order an internet access will always be asked for favored hardware. Latest by now the customer has to decide if he/she needs a DSL modem, a DSL router or a WLAN router. In the following we will comment on the differences.

DSL modem

Precondition for an internet access is a DSL modem which interconnects the PC with the internet. The modem transforms information so that data can be sent via internet connection and transformed again on the other side. A DSL modem is available in from of a distinct device or in combination with a DSL router. Brand-new system software automatically identifies connected modems and run the required software installation.

DSL router

If several computers have to be connected to the internet simultaneously, one needs a DSL router. It connects the PC s of a local network (LAN) among each other in order to connect these in turn via the same line with the internet. Often a DSL modem is already integrated in the router. If the router has no integrated DSL modem, an extern DSL modem has to be connected to the router via a special bush. A DSL router is ideal to install a distinct network with internet access at home or in the office.

WLAN router

In order to be able to surf the internet wireless in the whole house, one needs a WLAN router. Key for the fast wireless transmission is the minimum standard. The data transmission ranges from 54 Mbit up to 300 Mbit with fastest WLAN routers. The WLAN router is connected to the DSL splitter. A cable-free network access is needed so that computers can surf the internet wireless. On newer computers it is usually already integrated. If not so, so-called WLAN-sticks can easily be connected to the USB-port. There are several types of WLAN routers: either without DSL modem or with integrated DSL modem. With a data transmission via radio link also printers or hard disks can be connected and be used from different operators.

Hardware with telephone function

A complete package for internet and telephony already contains a telephone access independent of the Telekom connection. The included hardware serves as telephone installation that can be connected to two analog sets by default. On demand you can also get DSL hardware that offers ISDN-comfort like holding, call-waiting, conference switching as well as up to 10 telephone numbers. With DSL telephony the PC does not have to be switched on the whole day, because the telephone installation also works on computers being switched off.

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