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DSL speed

DSL is getting faster and faster.

As only some years ago there was an internet speed rate of only 56 kbit/s via analogue connection and 128 kbit/s via ISDN, nowadays the transfer rates for broad band internet range from 2.000 kbit/s up to 100.000 kbit/s. There are also further so-called bandwidths functioning as interstates. Meanwhile already 2.000 kbit/s are enough for normal internet-surfing, the development for higher speeds moves on and on by the online-usage of TV, video and games. The goal is to guarantee a best-possible transmission without dropouts and with high image quality. Those higher transfer rates with up to 100.000 kbit/s via DSL is realized with so-called VDSL(Very High Speed DSL) interfaces. However, the availability is yet limited on large cities and certain urban centres. Cable internet is also available in some regions with speeds of more than 120.000 kbit/s. Concerning the speed data, the customer should always mind that all internet providers give information with “up to” as no certain transfer speed can be guaranteed normally. It is always dependent on the regional situation.

Which internet speed do I need?

Most common speeds being offered are 2. 000 kbit/s, 6.000 kbit/s, 16.000 kbit/s as well as 16.000 kbit/s up to 50.000 kbit/s for entertainment offers. According to his/her customer behavior each user can choose between these transfer rates in respective tariffs.

2.000 kbit/s - the cheapest internet connection

A transfer rate of 2.000 kbit/s is absolutely sufficient for normal customer behavior. The connection meets the minimum demands in DSL telephony (so-called Voice over IP ). However, this access is not advisable for those who want to watch videos online. The speed is ideal for all who want to surf the internet comfortable and especially favorable.

6.000 kbit/s - internet-surfing and VoIP at the same time

An access with up to 6.000 kbit/s meets all demands for fast internet-surfing and telephoning also via several lines. The transfer rate allows uninterruptable video-receiving with higher resolutions. The speed is ideal for standard users who want to connect several terminals and use them simultaneously.

16.000 kbit/s - the ideal solution for multi-media applications

The speed with up to 16.000 kbit/s evolved into today’s standard DSL access. Numerous DSL providers offer tariffs with this speed. The bandwidth allows simultaneous usage of several online multi-media applications, internet-surfing, email retrieving, telephoning and playing online games. It is the ideal access for families or private persons who use multi-media applications more often.

More than 16.000 kbit/s - maximum speed for high-speed entertainment

An access with transfer rates of more than 16.000 kbit/s pays only off for those internet surfers who use multi-media applications permanently. It is especially worth for those who use internet, telephone and TV via only one access. Above all, fast internet is essential for the transfer of videos or high-definition IP-TV. Also online-gamers profit from short ping-times and high speed. The higher up- and down-load allows the up-loading of larger data volumes and the back-up recording in the internet on so-called online-hard drive. The development of multimedia applications via internet moves on and on. In the future these speeds will soon have turned into the next standard.

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