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DSL availability

Fast broadband internet is not available nationwide.

Unfortunately, fast broad band internet via DSL or cable connection is not yet available everywhere in Germany. By now, the availability rate for all Germany is more than 90 per cent. There are urban centres where all speeds are available and customers are spoilt for choice with the selection of the right tariff. Meanwhile in rural areas the customer is partly happy if he/she gets internet access at all. It is often a problem that the destination from terminal to switching centre is too long for the transmission of signals and data as fast as possible. Here the cable length is of vital importance. It should not exceed the limit of 5 kilometers.

Checking the DSL availability

Because of the limited availability several providers offer special availability checks. Most DSL provider use the network infrastructure of the Deutsche Telekom. However, some providers have an own infrastructure on which DSL providers can conclude an agreement of cooperation in order to cover gaps in the Telekom network. It is therefore always recommendable to check if the particular internet provider can offer broad band internet and if so, on which transmission rate.

Cable internet as alternative for DSL connection

A real alternative for the DSL connection are fast internet and telephony via cable connection. Especially in those cases where there is no DSL available. In Germany, several cable network providers divide up the market according to regions. Depending on the federal territory or town one has to check with the regional provider of cable internet is available. The cable providers themselves aim to built up the networks fast in order to improve the availability.

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