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DSL guidebook

The DSL guidebook – All about fast internet access.

If you want to order an internet access, you’ll be confronted with numerous technical terms, bandwidths, rates and options. Therefore it is often especially hard for beginners to come to the right decision. Our guidebook gives helpful tips and explains abstract concepts.

Internet access – Fast internet via which access?

Here you’ll find information about the access technology for fast internet via DSL access as well as via cable technology or via a mobile network access.
Further information about internet access.

DSL speed – Which digit rate for which needs?

The customer can optionally choose from different digit rates. It is described as follows which rate is suitable for which needs.
Further information about DSL speed.

DSL availability – Where is fast internet available?

As the availability is limited within Germany, one should check previously, if the favored internet provider for fast internet is available for order.
Further information about DSL availability.

Rate options – Which flat-rate and options can be ordered?

Alongside mere internet connection and access all internet providers offer many other flat rate options for DSL, telephone, mobile phone and much more.
Further information about rate options.

Hardware – What kind of hardware is suitable with which functions?

One always needs some kind of hardware for an internet connection. In the following we explain the differences between a DSL modem, a DSL router and a WLAN router.
Further information about hardware.

Provider exchange – What is important to be considered for cancelation and provider change?

The offers for fast internet constantly changes. Prices are getting cheaper or speeds are increasing. Someone who plans to cancel and change the contract has to pay attention to some things.
Further information about provider change.

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