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What do you have to keep in mind if you want to change the provider?

The offer for fast internet changes permanently. Either prices are getting cheaper, speeds are getting faster, there is new hardware on the market or more inclusive goods and services. Anyway, often only new customers profit from those. Being a present customer one can seldom change to tariffs with more favorable or better conditions. Either because of these reasons or because one is very discontent with the service of the present provider, a change of the internet provider is recommended. However, such a change can turn into a tragedy if one does not pay attention to certain details.

Above all, before changing the DSL provider customers should know their present contract duration and cancelation period. When the DSL contract is concluded customers are fast bound in a 24-month contract. If the customer then turns in the cancelation too late, the minimum period of the contract will normally renew automatically. That’s the providers’ way to bound their customers on long-term. So, those who know their data beforehand can inform themselves on the market for fast internet connections just in time and choose a fitting provider and tariff just as the need arises. Assistance is given here with our independent DSL comparison that compares current tariffs and providers' prices directly.

When you have chosen a new internet provider, you can order it online and complete the forms and applications for a change directly and send the order. Therefore, numerous providers offer a special change service. Normally, the synchronization of the telephone number is possible, but regrettably not always.

Afterwards, the new internet provider takes care of a smooth flow of the change. Certainly, one does always have to grant a certain lead time that can to be asked the provider directly with application. If this is not been cared of, it may possibly happen that one has to go without internet and telephone for some days as the conversion may take longer up to the newly chosen provider is able to supply service.

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