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Our comparing portal for your successful online-advertisement.

Use our popular comparing portals to publicize advertisements efficiently. Here, Hosting-interested readers will find current price- and benefit comparison concerning the topics Domain, Webhosting, Online-shop and Server as well as top-quality editorial contents around the Hosting field. We help you to address your target group directly which is in particular looking for Hosting offers.

The portal has got a high profile and is characterized by good search machine ranking and high guest quantity. Moreover, advertising costumers highly profit from superior visitors’ dwelling time on our comparing portals. Therefore, your banner will definitely be recognized!

  • Direct target group addressing to Hosting beginners and ambitious experts
  • User with high buying interest in Hosting price comparison
  • High click rates through focused target group addressing
  • Security in calculation and planning through low-priced flat-rate entries
  • Exclusive advertising placement far from competitors sites
  • Discount grading for multiple entries

Our online format for advertising.

We offer you the possibility to book low-priced monthly flat-rate entries. Selected placing of your advertising entries guarantees the exclusive showing of your advertisement. As we surrender further graphic elements in our editorial contents, your advertisement will be the eye-catcher. No distracting or disturbing information, but a determent placement that according to experience produces high clicking-rates.

  • Full-Size Banner 468x60 (max. 35 kb)
  • Skyscraper Banner 160x600 (max. 35 kb)
  • Navigation Banner 120x250 (max. 35 kb)

Our price list for exclusive flat-rate bookings.

Via our comparing portals you book exclusive advertising placements with unlimited numbers of views and clicks for a certain time period. The minimum contract duration is 1 month. For longer contract durations discounts will be offered.

Ad-formats Size max. 1 month 3 month 6 month
Skycraper Banner 120 x 600 500,- € 1400,- € 2700,- €
Navigation Banner 120 x 250 400,- € 1100,- € 2100,- €
Full-Size Banner 468 x 60 350,- € 950,- € 1800,- €
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* All prices plus legal GST.

The preparation of the banners has to take place within 10 days before circuit begin. A fortnightly motive changing is offered for free, every further change costs 50€. The account will be invoiced on your written confirmation.

Our contact for your enquiries concerning advertisement.

We are always available for your questions all around advertising bookings. Don't hesitate to contact us via .

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