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Welcome to the DSL comparison.

Compare DSL rates in the big DSL comparison now.

Compare DSL rates and make the right choice from the very beginning. In the big independent DSL comparison you find current conditions and special offers of all German internet providers. The clearly arranged DSL comparison is ideal for all who are looking for a new favorable and fast DSL connection and want to change the DSL provider. The special search function that scans most important criteria helps to find a perfectly adequate DSL rate for you. The search result finally enlists contractual details and prices.

Comparison - Current offers under independent price comparison.

The free DSL comparison shops around for several DSL rates of internet providers to guarantee you to find out the most favorable and fastest DSL rate.
DSL comparison

Providers - All rates of internet providers via DSL and cable.

There are numerous internet providers with uncountable offers. With the help of our DSL scan we show you the different DSL rates of the providers in a final summary table. Find your personal decision for an internet provider of your choice!
Providers for DSL and cable

Guidebook - Tips and information concerning DSL and cable.

In our DSL guideline we give you answers for most frequently asked questions, explain terms like flat-rate, bandwidth, hardware and give tips for a good DSL provider change.
DSL guidebook

News - You are always well-informed with our DSL news.

With the help of the DSL news you will never miss a special offer. Regularly, you get current information about internet providers. Easily to be subscribed via our RSS-feeds.
DSL news

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